made of hanit®

Pasture fence double field and single access gates

This pasture gate is exceptionally sturdy. Made from the highly robust hanit®, which is strengthened through reinforcement. In combination with the successfully proven closing mechanism, you can rest assured nothing breaks out.

Gate Variations (L1 = Inner, L2 = Outer)
Single Access L1 = 103 cm / L2 = 115 cm
Single Access L1 = 178 cm / L2 = 190 cm
Double Field Gate L1 = 360 cm / L2 = 384 cm
All available with 3 or 5 bars
Metal posts, galvanized and varnished
Connector enables gate post to be fixed onto the pasture system
Gate post is designed flexibly for 3 or 5 recesses
Additional Information

Details Gate Post

  • 12 x 12 x 250 cm

Connector Details for Gate Post

  • 10 x 11 x 11 cm
  • Drilled, Radius R10


  • Flexible while Mounting
  • Including mounting equipment and gate post
  • Splinter and maintenance-free
  • Chew-reistant
  • Connector can be used individually in any amount or area

Optional Items

  • Suitable pasture gate system

Application examples

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